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 Discover your inner strength. 

  •  Close Combat Self Defense 

  •  Physical Fitness Training 

  •  Refuse to be a victim awareness training 

  •  Weapons Training 

  •  Security (Defensive Tactics) Training 

Special Discounts for  Law  Enforcement  &  Military  personnel 



            Sifu V. Thomas with more than 45 years of experience in the martial arts.      

Discover Your Inner Strength At Our Academy

Est. 1986

Some martial arts systems are said to preserve classical military skills, including techniques of hand-to-hand combat, the use of knives, spears, swords, halberds, etc. Others are methods of armed and unarmed fighting that were developed by civilians. There are also numerous forms of exercise for health and meditation that have origins in traditional medical therapies and religious practices.


Certain of the more famous modern forms represent a synthesis of these diverse elements and are directed toward general self-cultivation through physical conditioning, mental concentration, and spiritual discipline.


Sifu Thomas believes that a martial art should not be valued for the efficacy of its fighting skills alone. The training process can be a vehicle by which the individual realizes a harmony of mind, body, and spirit and comes to live a truly complete life. Students in this school are taught to train for strength that will enable them to help, rather than harm, others.


Wing Chun Kuen classes follow a formal curriculum in which periodic examinations are requisite for advancement. Sifu Thomas has instituted this program in the interests of organization and impartiality, as a way of training practitioners to become qualified teachers themselves.

Students are encouraged to participate in public competitions for their own experience and in order to promote public awareness of the school. Over the years, Sifu Thomas's students have earned top ranking in local, national and international tournaments in solo forms, partial- and full-contact bare-hand sparring, weapons sparring, Wing Chun (Sticking Hands) Chi Sao, and Taiji Pushing Hands.



Things Happen.

Est. 1986

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