Sifu Airon Armstrong (Martial Artist, Actor-Stuntman)

A four-time National Chi Sao and light contact sparring Champion, Airon first began studying Kung Fu at age five and has been training in Wing Chun for the last nineteen years.  After completing the system under Grand Master Ip Ching in 1997 he has since completed the Six Harmony Wing Chun Academy Nine level Wing Chun curriculum under Master V.A. Thomas and has become one of the next generation of New York-based Wing Chun Instructors.

Airon has appeared in several feature films, theater productions, and live stunt show using his martial arts skills learned at the Six Harmony Wing Chun Academy.

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Sifu Joseph Kim

Joseph Kim began his training in 1999 at the Columbia University Kung Fu Club, and soon after joined the Six Harmony Wing Chun Academy where he has continuously trained under Sifu V.A. Thomas. He has focused mainly on Wing Chun Kuen, but also studied Chen-style Taijiquan and Xing Yi Liuhequan under Sifu Thomas. He has participated in numerous tournaments in the New York and Washington, D.C. regions and won numerous medals for Chi Sao, forms, and sparring. 

Sifu Joseph Wang

Joe Wang started Wing Chun in 1994 at Columbia University.  Joe was looking for a way to stay active and healthy and decided to see the Columbia’s Kung Fu Club.  When he saw Sifu Thomas’ first session, he knew it was something that he wanted to pursue.  Joe has had the fortune to train over the years with Sifu Thomas, one of the most accomplished Wing Chun practitioners from a family lineage of Ip Man.  He has won first place in several Chi Sao and form competitions.

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