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 Lee Moy Shan Wing Chun Family Events

 Moy Yat (Sigung) Wing Chun Family Events 

2016 Hong Kong & China Journey

 2016 Italy Seminar 

GM Lee Moy Shan

70th Birthday event

Over 300 in attendance.

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  Sum Faat Video Series Received Awards   

Grand Master Lee Moy Shan (Douglas Lee) explores the philosophy of Wing Chun Sum Faat and made it public in 2011.

   Wing Chun Sum Faat  

   Path to the Heart     

A video series (22 sessions) was created in 2016 based on this philosophy and can be viewed on YouTube (Search for Douglas Lee Wing Chun).  He is now continuing to give lectures on this topic to all who are interested.  A book on this concept will soon be on the market.

Six Harmony wing Chun seminar

Dates & Details soon posted.

This DVD will guide you through essential basics of the Wing Chun system as practiced by Sifu Thomas. Applications, footwork, fighting principles, two man drills and training apparatus (3 star Jong) are discussed in detail.

Purchase at the school $25 or online.

 Combat Chum Kui (Seeking Bridge) Video Coming Soon. 

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